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Gugalo Master(beginner) 2 years ago 
I formatted my computer and not Escontro driver for my version of Windows that is 8.1. Help me find a driver, please.
Bryan(beginner) 3 years ago 
My system tells me that I have these drivers or whatever they may be but I have an ATI Radeon X200 express series and not X300/X550/X1050. Gaming wise I've only been able to play The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and older games. I was greatly confused when I wasn't able to run Fallout 3. It said that I don't meet the game requirements hardware wise even though I have this X300/X550/X1050 thing and the minimum is X300. Do I need to go and buy a newer graphics card or can I do something with the one I have? I've already bought a brand new graphics card but it doesn't work with my system. It's a MSI R5450 MDIGH. When it's installed and I turn my tower on, it simply runs the fan at full blast and nothing comes up on the monitor. I guess it's incompatible with my system. My system specs: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz 2.00 GB RAM 32-bit Operating system running on Windows 7. Can anyone help me with this please?
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